Environmentally responsible organisations act sustainably - that is, they operate in such a way that the resources they rely on are able to endure, remaining diverse and productive. This benefits both the organisation - which can continue to rely on its resources in future - and the environmental, economic and social facets of the wider world, with which the organisation is intrinsically linked.

To achieve this, an organisation must design, develop, implement and maintain environmental standards and procedures, as well as convey them to interested parties. In many cases this is a legal requirement; in others it forms a corporate commitment to environmental sustainability.

Ultimately, an environmental management system (EMS) is a roadmap for achieving the economic benefits of clean production, mitigating the costs of environmental damage, becoming a safer workplace and improving overall performance.

Air Modeling

GSES are recognized experts in atmospheric dispersion modeling and air quality monitoring data evaluations and are skilled in helping clients understand the process of modeling and the interpretation of modeling results. We have developed, tested, and gained regulatory agency approval for model algorithms, published articles on atmospheric dispersion modeling techniques and applications, presented papers on dispersion modeling topics. GSES provide a variety of modeling services, including:

+Air quality standard and air toxics impacts assessments
+Evaluation of long-range pollutant transport and its impacts on air quality, visibility and acid deposition
+Accidental release and dense gas dispersion modeling
+Building and structure wake effects evaluations
+Good engineering practice stack height evaluations
+Simple and complex terrain modeling
+Toxics/health effects modeling
+Air quality control plan modeling
+Dispersion at the land-sea interface
+Development of air quality monitoring plan development
+Evaluation of air quality monitoring data in air quality permitting, source compliance, and demonstrations.

Water Modeling

Protection of our nation's water ways is the goal of many federal and state environmental programs. To accomplish this goal, facilities are required to prepare and implement various plans designed to prevent the unauthorized discharge of pollutants to surface ground water. Zephyr provides the following services to support this goal:

+Industrial and Municipal Wastewater Permits
+Industrial Storm Water Permits
+Construction Storm Water Permits
+Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans
+Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasures
+Facility Response Plans
+Discharge Prevention and Response Plans
+Industrial Wastewater Discharge Compliance Evaluations
+Water and Wastewater Conservation Program Development
+Water Quality Assessments
+Discharge Monitoring Reports and Compliance Recordkeeping
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