Marine Studies
The core studies efforts are in Marine Environmental Biology and works to understand marine organisms, their interactions in complex marine ecosystems, and the emergent properties of the communities that result from these interactions. By design and by necessity this work includes studies at all levels of biological organization: molecular, genetic, organismal, population and community, and the intersection between the activities of organisms and the abiotic world.

The interdisciplinary and integrative nature of our research presents opportunities to create unique linkages across scales, educating our students in the connections between molecular biology, physiological ecology, neurobiology, and the larger-scale functions of organisms and ecosystems.

Terrestrial and Marine EIA and Risk Assessment

+Coastal Processes, Sediment Transport and Contamination
+Marine Water Quality,
+Intertidal and Sub-tidal Benthic Ecology
+Fish, Recreational and Commercial Fisheries
+Marine Mammals
+Coastal Birds
+Terrestrial Ecology
+Seascape, Landscape and Visual Amenity Impact Assessment
+Navigation and Marine Transport Assessment
+Onshore Transport Assessment
+Terrestrial Archaeology and Historic Landscape
+Economy, Tourism and Recreation

Coastal/ Beach Protection and Management and related Environmental services

We provide assistance in providing solutions on beach protection including its management from anthropogenic activities that causes beach malnourishment and disintegration of natural beach condition.

Oceanography/ Engineering

+We research and applications in the two related and interdependent areas of ocean engineering and oceanography.
+Marine electronic engineering
+Concerned with the design of electronic devices for use in the marine environment
+Offshore engineering (or offshore construction)
+Concerned with the design of fixed and floating marine structures
+Pipelines and other underwater equipment, and oceanography, concerned with physical, chemical, geological and biological processes throughout the marine environment.
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Terrestrial And Marine EIA and Risk Assessment +
Coastal / Beach Protection And Management +
Coastal / Beach Related Environmental Service +
Oceanography / Engineering +
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