“We contribute to achieve sustainable development and Environmental protection wherever we work”

GSES is committed in providing appropriate solutions in supporting the various business/project undertakings of clients in conformance with the requirements of government agencies and private sectors. We integrate our knowledge and technologies to conserve, restore, and create sound Environments.

“Assists to create a developed world with a better Environment”

GSES envisions becoming an Environmental consultancy establishment that provides excellent technical services to clients particularly to those from the industry sector in pursuing their business or project goals while ensuring Environmental protection and sustainable development globally.

“Provide sustainable solutions for a cleaner and safer Environment”

GSES will provide various services according to the client’s need in the field of Environment and will achieve the goal to keep a safe and better Environment.
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Enviromental Impact Assessment (EIA)
Studies for Projects Developments in urban and rural settings, as well as terrestrial and coastal areas.
Environmental Mitigation and Monitoring
We undertaking numerous Environmental Impact. Our relevant experience in the development of feasible mitigation measures and their effectiveness under different circumstances.
Habitat Survey and Management
Our surveys establish the baseline of the environmental conditions within a siteand developing habitat management objectives.
Beach Protection and Management
We provide assistance in providing solutions on beach protection to avoid anthropogenic activities which results in beach malnourishment and disintegration of beach.
Beach Protection and Management
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