GSES, as projects dictate and when required, calls upon the expertise of a number of scientists and environmental experts who not only have unique and unrivalled specialization, but also practical and professional experience in and around the region. It has subject experts and consultants in the following fields who undertake specified tasks as described in the Scope of Work agreed upon with the client.

+ Air Modeling
+ Ballast Water Management
+ Botany
+ Coast Oceanography/ Engineering
+ Community Organizing
+ Composting Technologies
+ Environmental Physics
+ Flora and Fauna Identification
+ Geologic Oceanography
+ Hazardous Waste Remediation
+ Health and Safety
+ Hydrogeology Modeling
+ Marine Biology
+ Marine Chemistry
+ Marine Survey
+ Meteorology
+ Physics Oceanography
+ Pollution Control and Management
+ Seismic Monitoring
+ Solid Waste Management
+ Terrestrial and Marine EIA and Risk Assessment
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