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Environmentally responsible organisations act sustainably - that is, they operate in such a way that the resources they rely on are able to endure, remaining diverse and productive. This benefits both the organisation - which can continue to rely on its resources in future - and the environmental, economic and social facets of the wider world, with which the organisation is intrinsically linked.

To achieve this, an organisation must design, develop, implement and maintain environmental standards and procedures, as well as convey them to interested parties. In many cases this is a legal requirement; in others it forms a corporate commitment to environmental sustainability.

Ultimately, an environmental management system (EMS) is a roadmap for achieving the economic benefits of clean production, mitigating the costs of environmental damage, becoming a safer workplace and improving overall performance.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) studies
Studies for Projects Developments in urban and rural settings, as well as terrestrial and coastal areas

+ Preparation of environmental scoping studies
+ Consultation, data collection and analysis
+ Marine and terrestrial ecological survey
+ Assessment of the environmental effects of process emissions to air, water and land
+ Water modeling and assessment of sediment quality
+ Prediction of noise levels and air quality
+ Landscape and visual intrusion
+ Recommendation of practical mitigation measures and Best Available Technology
+ Development of monitoring programmes and surveys
+ Preparation of Environmental Evaluation Reports

Risk Assessment (RA) studies
Risk assessment is the formal process of identifying, assessing and evaluating the risks to health and the environment that may be posed by the condition of a site. If a site is contaminated, a risk assessment helps you decide whether it is a problem.

Environmental Audits (EA)
We’re experienced in conducting a range of environmental audits including

+Environmental performance audits
+Environmental, safety and quality management systems audits
+Greenhouse gas and energy audits
+Regulatory compliance audits
+Phase One audits (site assessment)
+Waste audits/ Industrial waste management audits

EHS Manual Preparations

Operations Manual Preparation